[Down] KAT-TUN’s Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru


Filename: KAT-TUN’s Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru
Format: .avi
Resolution: 720×406
Duration: 47.56 M
Appearance: KAT-TUN’s Members
Subs: Eng Hardsub
Download Links: MF1MF2 | MF3 | MF4 (password : faulty)
Video Credit: KAL
Subbing Credit: Tetris No Miko | Kohaku | kat_tun5

*join files with Hjsplit

Note: sorry for taking so long time to finish uploading all 4 parts. enjoy!


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40 responses to “[Down] KAT-TUN’s Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru

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  2. that’s show was damn of funny ..
    i laugh 2 much ..spicial at the end ..when they got the hot water challenge …
    maru .. all the memeber care about you .. just like us …hehe ..
    i love when kame ..say in load voice BAKA !!to maru …
    oh .. Ma boys always make me happy …so thank you for share ..
    and waiting 4 new tv show ..

  3. I do not know how to express my love enough to the sub-team! really really thank u for sharing so many interesting videos

  4. I want to download it but when I downloaded it it says the video can’t be played, what should I do?

  5. would you help me? help me how to make videos be one. i try with hjsplit can’t work. in hjsplit file type just .001, and in there file type .002, i dont know what should i do.please help me? thanks a lot

  6. You need all 4 file to coplete this video. File 001, 002, 003 and 004. Then you can join it with the first file 002, 003 and 004 find automatically. But must be in the same folder.

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