Chain That Connect KAT-TUN Seems to Break when it Comes to Junno

From Orisuta 24 February 2012

N: When we have concerts, I get high because of our audience. Even though there will be this distance because [we haven’t had concert] for a year, I’m getting my spirits up!
T-: Take note not to jump down from high places and injure your toe!
K: Are you referring to what happened to Ueda (the year before last)? (laughs)
U: Eh? Are you saying I do stupid things?
N: Are you saying Ueda does stupid things?
-T: Don’t fight! (laughs)
K: The “CHAIN” to Taguchi-kun hasn’t been… The secret is out today (laughs)
-T: Although we’ve tried very hard, the chain broke! (laughs)
T-: There is no such thing~ Even though you said this, you like me.
-T: See, it’s broken! (laughs)
K: Maa~ I guess we like him
-T: We’re not tsundere [1]!
K: We love him! (laughs)

Translator’s notes:
[1] Tsundere is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

Picture Credit: @yamaharuxx
Credit: snowaltz
Shared: KAT-TUN’s Stuff

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