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Ep 1 Episode Review || Ep 94 .gif || Ep 106 .gif || Ep 106 SC || Ep 118 .gif

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129 responses to “Cartoon KAT-TUN

  1. did u have all of the episode?? most of the season 2 and 3 i didn’t watch yet~ it will be lovely if you have all of them! keep waiting for that! onegai! tengs dear~

  2. thank you very much for sharing all the episodes (and thanks to those who subbed too). I’m really happy! took ep. 57 and 62 for the moment.

  3. Spent the whole evening downloading amost all 67 episodes….THANK YOU SO MUCH! *bows* Due to the recent stuff happening on the internet and the news that even mediafire is probably going to be closed soon…I remembered how I only have like 20-30 episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN out of 150+…I kept putting off downloading them all for like over a year…But NOW…I’m urgently downloading ALL…..And thanks to the amazing you I was able to find over 1/3 of them here…Really can’t thank you enough for making the life of fangirls like myself so much easier…It turned out to be even more usefull at the emergency times we are experiencing now… :-/

    • agree with you. hopefully i can DL the whole seasons b4 that rumors abt closing mediafire. Admin, u r awesome. !

  4. I’m new to KATTUN so it’s a bit hard to find info and videos from long ago until I found your site. Thanks very much for the hard work! 🙂 I really am grateful for your patience and for your time in uploading all these! I’m sure there are many who are grateful too! 🙂

  5. thx so much…it’s really hard to find these episodes english subbed and in good quality
    its really apprieciated 😀
    please keep subbing, im looking forward to new episodes 🙂

  6. thank you! thank you so much!! REAAAAAAAAAALLY!!! WHOOO!! I am able to watch CTKT because of you guyss!!! I wahb yoooooooooou!!!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate all your hard work! I’m going on holiday soon and will look forward to watching these on the plane! Once again, thank you!!!!

  8. thank u for the eng sub. so hard to find one. the one i found was in arabic and i don’t understand. huhu. hope you can sub the other episodes.

  9. hi.. 🙂
    I can’t download the first part of Episode 80 in mediafire. I don’t know what’s wrong. 😦

  10. Please, upload KAT-TUN’s new show “KAT-TUN Zettai Manetakunaru Terebi” with english subtitle of course.. Thank you^^

  11. I just hope that this files won’t go missing,,I mean some downloading sites just go missing or the files has been removed coz i can’t download all of them,, i would have if I only could… but anyway thanks for providing this things your site is KaT-TUN fans HAVEN <3<3<3…. and I love Kamenashi Kazuya haha 😀

  12. I can’t download starting cartoon kat-tun ep. 84-152, why??
    And can you upload kat-tun no more pain concert with english subtitle, please??

  13. I’d like to know where can I get this videous without any subs~ or softsub.
    I want translate it to my language (because I don’t find it anywhere and I want show it to my friends that can’t speak English) TuT
    If someone could help-me…I’ll be glad

  14. Thank you so much for these episodes and the rest of your subbing projects. Will anxiously await the rest of the episodes:)

  15. I’ve been looking so much for the subbed episodes and you are like my saviour for uploading them! Thank you so much! Unfortunately I found them a little late and from episode 90 to episode 152 I don’t seem able to download them 😦 Would you be so kind to re-upload them please?

  16. Am I the only one who is checking this page everyday hoping for an update? It’d be the most exciting day in the world when an update happens, cause we’ve now entered the realm of rare Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes, as in some of the episodes like 128 or 135 cannot be found ANYWHERE…

  17. Thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!! I’m a new fan of Kat-tun and I am really (like REALLY) happy I found your website. Thanks for your hardwork and for uploading these videos ^^

  18. Thank you so much for your hard work! I use the videos to practice/improve my japanese listening comprehension so I really appreciate the time you spend uploading all this! Thank you very much again!

  19. thank you very much for sharing all the episodes (and thanks to those who subbed too). I’m really happy! I can’t wait for more episodes!! Thanks for all the hard work!

  20. Hey, can you uppload the rest of those episodes, onegaishimasu *-*?
    I can’t wait for more episodes!!!!
    Gambatte =D and Gokuroosama deshita *———-*
    Hai, ittekimassu

  21. thank you very much for this. please upload the remaining videos. can’t wait to watch them all. i’m now watching episode 92 :)) thanks for all your effort

  22. please upload the rest with english sub..onegai~
    it’s so hard to find CTKT with english sub anywhere..
    tanomu yo..

  23. Sorry to be pushy, but can are you guys still updating? I’ve been waiting desperately. 120s and up are so rare so I can’t wait till you get there…
    Please update soon! Us new fans who missed the opportunity to watch these episodes when they first came up would really appreciate it.

  24. thanks a lot for your hard work
    I’ve been looking for them for years
    but the ep 29 MF1 link is broken
    will you fix it? thanks again

  25. I’m sorry to bother just when you started updating again. However, episode 96 isn’t subbed. It appears to be a raw file. Thank you for your hard work:)

  26. Hello!! Thank you for uploading this!! 😀 yaaay! Pls keep uploading season 3 of Cartoon Kat-tun onegai! 🙂

  27. thank you for your hard work…and i’m hoping you’ll will upload the rest of the episode ^^ arigatou….

  28. I’m very thankful for your hard work and patience in posting these videos for us. I wish you could upload the other episodes immediately. Onegai shimazu ♥

  29. I really appreciate your efforts in running this site! Thanks to you, I can re-download the videos that I’ve lost with my damaged HDD!

  30. hello!thank you so much for ur hard work..i’m forever grateful to this site as it helps me in gaining almost all old vids again after my EHD broken..i hope u’ll upload the rest of ctkt eps..thanx again! 😀

  31. Thank You!! you guys saved my life XD I hope you upload all of them soon! because I am dying to see episode 137! thanks again 🙂

  32. Are you still uploading??? Cuz i’ve been checking back on this every week for about 6 months and i never see any changes >.<

  33. Hello !
    Thank you for uploading those episodes, I can finally start watching CKT, episode by episode, in the right order ! 🙂

  34. Thank you for providing the cartoon kat-tun… if possible could you also upload the remaining episodes.. 🙂

    i also love the clips you posted 🙂
    arigatou ~

  35. ohayo gozaimasu,umm… thanks for the links of cartoon kat-tun, i searched them like crazy and finally i found it, at your blog, but i want to watch Ctkt season III so badly, would you upload it, pleaseeee…so many fans of kat-tun wait for you to upload it, arigato gozaimasu :)) we wait for you and ctkt

  36. thank you so much for all of these!! do you still plan to continue on uploading the rest of the episodes?

  37. I know the links are old but if anyone could reload them to some place like Avistaz or Openload you’d be my hero. I had them all at one time (was a HUGE fan for about 5yrs!) but I lost them all recently. Help?! I’m after everything KAT-TUN again.

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